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What are the most popular plugins of WordPress development?

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How often do you hear about WordPress these days? Most often, correct? Have you ever wondered why this platform is so popular among professionals? Nowadays, we have a range of CMS platforms available in front of us. Then why WordPress is so popular among professionals. The primary reason behind the popularity of WordPress is extensive. From the eyes of search engines, it is the most well-structured and robust CMS platform offering exceptional benefits to the users. And from the eyes of the users, it is the most user-friendly and accessible platform for building websites. Now let us dive deep into WordPress Development.

What is WordPress website development?

WordPress is a CMS-based platform used for building websites. Initially, it was a simple platform used for posting blogs, and now it has become a complete CMS. This software is based on the PHP language, and the database is stored on MySQL files. The best thing about WordPress development is you get an instant option of installing plugins at the software.

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Top 5 WordPress Plugins that can change your website performance completely

Plugins are the most significant advantage of using WordPress platforms. Plugins are tools that offer instant and automatic access and set-up process. Suppose you are looking for a CMS platform where you can build instant websites without any programming skills. Here we have the top 5 plugins that you can use to make a secure and efficient website:


WPForms is considered one of the most popular plugins used for creating contact forms in a WordPress website. A contact form is a quick medium through which users interact with the website. Without a proper contact page, your audience won’t be able to contact you on a personal level and raise queries. This WordPress plugin is a drag and drop online form builder that allows you to build contact forms, email subscription forms, online order forms, payment forms, polls, surveys, and several other forms used for the WordPress Development process. You also have the option to subscribe to the Pro version of the plugins to access the exclusive and premium features such as form assortment templates, payment and donation collections via PayPal, and other mediums. Key features of this contact form builder include:

  • Pre-build form building templates.
  • The multi-page form features are available for a better user experience.
  • Survey and polls feature to create and analyze user experience.
  • Form abandonment feature that enables the forms to capture email addresses even when the user left it.
  • Features that allow access to the user’s location information while filling the form.
Yoast SEO

Yoast is the best tool you have when having a WordPress website. When it comes to search engine optimization, there is no better tool than Yoast. Yoast provides an advantage to make SEO-friendly posts using the tool. If you don’t have a lot of SEO knowledge, this tool will help you post SEO-friendly content. This tool has abundant functions for individuals looking to make a website that ranks higher on search engines. Downloading and updating this amazing tool is quick. Manage everything within seconds and finish the auto-setup features during the WordPress Development Process. Enhance your On-page SEO using this great tool:

  • Both internal linking and external linking suggestions.
  • Readability analysis feature.
  • Feature off adding meta descriptions, title, main keywords, and other keywords.
  • Auto-updates are available as per Google’s algorithm.

How often do you receive spam messages on your website for promotional and suspicious activities? This tool is used for identifying spammy comments and mark all them suspiciously that contain suspicious links and spam comments. Along with that, it also provides extra security to the website owner using these features:

  • Monitors all comments automatically and filters spam comments.
  • Displays approved comments separately.
  • Ensure security and privacy of the user’s data.
  • Display spammy comments statistics on your WP dashboard.

Now you don’t have to risk your website from losing its SEO rankings by keeping spam links and comments. Use the Akismet tool to check how many spam messages and suspicious links are added to your website. Analyze and manage your spammy messages in one place to take action accordingly.


When it comes to website backup, there is no better tool on WordPress than UpdraftPlus. With the help of this tool, you create both automated and scheduled website backup using Google drive, email, and Dropbox. All your backups are available on the dashboard of the tool for easy accessibility. This tool offers several features for a straightforward WordPress Development Method that include:

  • Easy to backup and restore with a single click.
  • Easy to clone and migrate WordPress website.
  • Option to performs both manual and scheduled backups.
  • Extravagant remote storage is available.
  • Also, backup non-WordPress database.

There is no need to be afraid of losing your website data while updating your website. Updraft is the ultimate choice of website owners and skilled professionals who want to keep their website data safe and secure.

Migrate Guru

Migrating websites has never been this easy before this amazing tool. Migrate Guru is an excellent choice for those who want to migrate large-size files on WordPress. It allows an option to omit unnecessary files during the migration process. The advanced feature of this tool includes:

  • Easy to use the tool.
  • No load on the website.
  • It runs on Blogvault’s server so that no overloading the WordPress website.
  • No add-ons
  • Compatible for migrating larger files.
  • Lack of storage space.
  • One-click migration.
  • Completely automatic option.

Want to migrate your website from one hosting to another? Afraid of losing your data on the website while migrating your hosting? Use this instant and user-friendly tool to migrate your hosting quickly from one hosting to another.

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Build a WordPress website for yourself?

Building a WordPress Website is no big deal for newbies. If you want to create a website in one go, then you don’t need to learn to code now. Building websites has become even convenient than ever. Create and publish blogs in one shot without any needs to go through the entire programming process. Use the WordPress development method to get an instant website with no coding skills required.