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Top 10 UI/UX trends for 2022 to follow

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With over 1.5 billion websites globally, the importance of great UI and UX cannot be ignored. Businesses have seen a roller coaster ride around the globe in the past two years, and the digital outbreak became a savior for those sinking ships.

The users are always in a rush to get the best solution for their issues on the internet. So, a website that captures their attention will definitely be their first choice. Due to this, the importance of UI and UX for websites has drastically increased.

As we begin with 2022, we should stay informed of the industry's frequently changing trends and the ways to follow them. Here is a distinctive list of the top 10 trends of the industry that will help you level up your website game.

Top trends for UI/UX to follow in 2022

#1 Dark Mode Rules

Dark mode has been the most preferred choice of individuals these days. Apart from battery optimization and reducing eye-straining, it offers excellent benefits. This is nothing new, and it has been with us for years. It provides several advantages to the users, such as reducing screen glare, and Now most websites give their audience the benefit to toggle between light mode and dark mode. If you haven't created a dark mode for your users yet, then it's high time you need to add them.

#2 Login without Password

The most significant issue users face during their login process is remembering the password. Nowadays, users have to remember many passwords, and it has become prevalent that they forget their passwords every other minute. Businesses are now focusing on enhancing their experience using several methods to minimize their pain. Initially, companies set up a "forget your password option" on their website. However, everyone hates setting up a password every time they log in using special characters, numbers, and alphabets.

But now, things have changed gradually, and new ways are introduced to reduce the complexities during the login process. Transitioning to the “passwordless” login process will bring a lot of increase in the user experience on your website. The most common methods used are login through Google ID, social media accounts, fingerprint scan, face recognition scan, the phone unlocks patterns, iris scan, etc.

#3 Surreal Product Photography

The time for realistic product photographs is decreasing gradually. Nowadays, users like things that grab their attention and make them stare at the screen, and they look for surrealism in product photographs.

If you haven't tried the out-of-the-box photography concept, then it is time you must implement it. This has created a high engagement rate for e-commerce websites as users are keen to find out what's weird with the image. Most top-rated brands are already using this strategy, which will be a trend in 2022.

#4 The importance of micro-interactions

Micro-interactions have become a crucial part of users' lives on the internet. It is when the users and the website design interact with each other. It exists in each software and platform on the internet. You must have been using it for years but not aware of it. One of the most common examples you can get is the like and react feature on Facebook, the retweet option on Twitter, or the comment feature on Instagram.

These are some widespread examples of micro-interactions that enhance user experience. We will surely see a tremendous increase in this trend in 2022. It is an excellent opportunity to set your standard on the internet if you want to stand apart from your competitors.

#5 Bold Typography is here to stay

Bold typography has gradually increased demand when you talk about UI and UX for a website. Have you noticed how the typography on the website has changed in the past years, especially the landing pages? Now the typography is becoming bigger and bolder to grab the users' attention.

Most popular websites are now using this strategy to create more engagements. Bold typography is used to catch the audience's attention and emphasize the important content for the users to read. Experts believe that it will stay with us in the future and will be used by the majority of the websites in 2022.

#6 Use of smooth gradients

The use of gradients in graphic designing has increased widely recently. Nowadays, even the top companies like Microsoft and Google use this strategy to set a bar for their followers. Nowadays, smooth gradients have been used widely by companies, and it is predicted to stay with us in 2022. Like every other aspect of the UI/UX, using a color scheme for the application icons and the website is equally essential. So, if you haven't tried gradients for your website, then you must.

#7 3D is never out of trend

How often do you see a user interacting with websites that do not satisfy their aesthetical demands? Ever since the evolution of three-dimensional graphics, it has never gone out of trend. The use of 3D in different software has increased widely. The most significant advantage of 3D is illustrating more realistic graphics that create more engagement.

Using 3D design elements to your design provides an extra understanding that forces users to make the next move. It not only upgrades your design's overall aesthetics but also sets a standard for your competitors. This is one of the excellent ways of increasing the user-engagement rate.

#8 Empty errors are scary

The biggest scare for IT professionals is seeing errors on their websites, and they become scarier when they are empty. Right now. Most websites use graphics to enhance their error page. This might sound weird, but graphics is needed everywhere. Designers' goal is to improve the look for every aspect of your website or software. Their job is even to make your errors look attractive. So, if you want your users to get a great experience, you must try this strategy. This trend is expected to stay with us in 2022 and beyond.

#9 Hamburger menus are a terrible choice

Hamburger menus are the most prevalent choice of UI\UX designers. There are a lot of benefits of using this type of menu option. However, its popularity has gradually reduced recently. It has been observed that reaching the top left corner for more features of the application or website is simply not convenient for the users.

This feature dramatically affects the click rates for a website or app, resulting in higher bounce rates. Now designers have to come up with ideas to eliminate this hamburger menu and choose a design that will increase their click rates.

#10 Storytelling has a considerable impact

Today users expect to connect with businesses in a personalized way, and companies have now adopted an effective strategy to build personalized connections with their audience. Unlike the older days when businesses used to maintain a professional relationship with their audience only, now they need to use an interactive way to engage their audience.

For this, storytelling has become the most preferred choice of audience. Most high-ranking websites currently use this trend to connect with their audience using emotionally interactive stories about their business and success. UI/UX designers use practical copywriting skills, engaging videos, graphics, typography, etc., are used by UI/UX designers to engage with their audience.

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Winding Up

We have listed the top trends that can help you make an engaging and interactive website or application for your users. For more ideas, you can keep reading the blogs on Technophilic to give your audience the best experience.