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What are the future trends of Mobile App Development?

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Whether you are an enterprise, entrepreneur, or mobile app development aspirant, you must always in a lookout for the latest trends to have a bright future in the industry. Without knowing the latest trends, it will be difficult for you to be ahead of your competitors. Your customers nowadays have a lot of expectations from your services and need an app with clean and easy navigation.

Today is the time for mobile applications, and you are losing a significant chunk of opportunities by not being there. Here we will tell you about the future of the mobile app industry and why you should become a part of it. So, let's get started:

Future Trends in Mobile App Development Industry

Internet of Things

The use of the Internet of Things has increased tremendously. Most popular as smart devices, IoT devices communicate with other devices over the internet. Now is the time for smart devices, and having only a traditional mobile app is not enough for today's audience. As a developer or an enterprise, you need to give your audience something extraordinary that changes their lives.

That is why it has become a buzzword in the current time. Everything is associated with this fast-evolving technology, from smart home appliances to self-driving cars. The integration of IoT in mobile app development offers solid opportunities to budding developers and growing businesses.

Integration of AR and VR

Who isn't familiar with the Snapchat filters these days? Or the most popular video game, Pokémon Go? These two names are enough to understand how this new technology is revolutionizing the industry. Both Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality transform people's lives in different ways. The effect is in the gaming industry and is widely used in the educational and career advancement industry.

Some of the most common examples for AR/VR in mobile app development include the interior designing and marketing industry that helps individuals get an idea about how their final product or design will look. It helps them understand how their plans will look in reality. So, we can say AR and VR will definitely be a part of the future of mobile app development.


Though we have already mentioned IoT in the list, wearables still have a different fanbase and scope for the future. From your morning exercise to your wristwatches, wearables have significantly impacted your daily lives. Wearables are everywhere, and so does the demand for them. Today, businesses are doing everything to provide you with the ease and comfort you are looking for.

In the coming years, wearables are expected to take over our lives wonderfully. Today, almost all tech companies rush to release their wearable to take over their market. Whether you want to receive a call on the go or calculate the health risks, wearable offers a significant number of advantages to ordinary individuals.

Cloud-based technology

Cloud technology has drastically impacted the mobile app development industry among the many trends. With so many popular mobile applications already running on cloud-based technology, the future of this trend is advantageous. From ordering your favorite food to booking your apps, all the mobile applications run over could-based servers.

Not only is the technology making app development more cost-efficient, but it also reduces the load of heavy data from the servers, which is why the trend has taken over the internet by storm. The mobile app development industry will have a massive change to make large computing possible at a surprisingly lesser time with quantum computing.

Beacon Technology

Have you ever used an app with beacon technology? Well, you might have but don't know about it much. Beacon Technology uses the Bluetooth of a smartphone to send signals to other nearby devices. The beacons in the location send a signal that helps customers connect with the mobile app. The app then allows the users to use the app's various features within a specific area.

This technology is gaining widespread popularity in a short time as it allows the customers to order from the shop or ask for services in a hotel room or museum. In short, we can say that this unique technology will offer great convenience to the users, and it brings a sense of satisfaction among the customers that they don't have to rely on the salespeople for their queries.

5G Technology

With the advancement of cellular communication technology over the years, the mobile app development industry has drastically benefitted. As the mobile app development industry gets competitive with each passing time, the new developer needs to use this technology. The advancement of technology helps developers make a more responsive and quick mobile application.

With 5G technology, developers get the ease and freedom of using more high-quality features that minimize the workload and improve the quality of the mobile app. To make the best app for your audience, you need to have an application that helps in providing a seamless experience to the app users.


With the massive increase of mobile wallet development, our day-to-day transactions have become more accessible and effortless. Everything is done within seconds, from buying groceries to transferring money to your friends and family. Nowadays, users have multiple payment gateways to make a transaction in a go.

As contactless payments rose, everyone quickly adopted the cashless payment systems. E-Wallets have already revolutionized the industry, and the app development industry was impacted majorly by the revolution. Almost every application will have individual payment gateways offering great deals to the customers in the future.

Increase of chatbots

Chatbots provide effortless assistance to users on a mobile app. Nowadays, users want a quick response to their queries, and chatbots offer an efficient way to get support on your app. Moreover, the audience prefers chatbots more than talking to a support executive for their queries.

The reasons are quick response with less communication and time. Chatbots will be an inseparable part of the mobile app development industry in the future, offering a seamless experience to the users.

Foldable device friendly apps

The craze for foldable devices is increasing tremendously, and the future of mobile applications will significantly be affected by them. Mobile applications that are friendly for foldable devices will be in great demand. Foldable devices affect the responsiveness of mobile apps and hinder the user experience.

With a significant increase of foldable devices released in the market, mobile applications responsive to the designs are highly required. Thus, we can say that it can be a big concern for app developers in the future.

Winding Up

We have listed above all the major trends that will impact the mobile app development industry. As technology advances rapidly, so does the need for different software to improve. If you want to give your mobile app users the best experience, you need to stay updated with the changing trends. For more information about the changing technologies and trends, stay updated with Technophilic blogs. We will help you keep posted on the changes.