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Top 11 factors influencing the time it takes for SEO

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How long does SEO take? This is one of the most-often-asked questions in digital marketing. Search engine optimization is all about using tricks to improve your website ranking. It refers to the attempt to make your website visible to your website. But how long does it take to rank? Well, that's a pretty tricky question. There is no definite period of ranking a website. Some people say that it takes 6-12 months to ranks a particular website. But it doesn't apply in most cases. Some websites take a shorter time, while some take years to rank on search engines.

SEO companies make a remarkable impact on the performance of your website. Nowadays, most businesses hire SEO agencies to increase their brand awareness. Small companies and startups partner with SEO organizations to make their website rank. But before you hire the Best SEO Service in Lucknow, let us give you a quick tour of the 11 factors that determines the time SEO takes for a website to rank:

Top 11 Factors That Influence the Time SEO Takes for the Performance of a Website

Your Website in the Past

Search engines consider the overall performance of a website ranging from the present to its past. If your website used to have poor quality backlinks and low-quality irrelevant guest posts in the past, it could considerably impact your SEO performance in the future.

Your website in the past can tell you a lot about the time it takes for SEO in the future:
  • The way your website behaves in the past will determine how long it will take for the SEO companies to increase the rank of your website.
  • There are different tools on the internet that you can use to find out about the history of your website, including Google Analytics, Google search console, Google, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz, etc.
  • These are some of the top tools used by SEO experts to track the performance of your website.
Your Domain in the Past

As you know that Domain authority is an essential aspect for search engines, your domain history can also have a considerable impact. Poor performance of your domain can negatively impact your SEO future

Your Domain Performance will Negatively Impact your SEO Performance Under the Following Circumstances:
  • If the previous owner of your domain used it for a personal blog network (PBN), that was penalized by google
  • If there was adult content on this domain in the past.
  • If the domain used to contain malicious and spammy content previously.
  • If spammy links pointing to your domain.
Your domain performance will positively impact your SEO performance under the following circumstances:
  • If there was a high-authority quality website hosted on the domain previously.
  • If there is a considerable rate of quality backlinks pointing to the domain.
SEO History

The way search engine optimization has been performed in the past can tell a lot about the future performance of your website. Hiring the Best SEO Services in Lucknow won't impact instantly and effectively at the beginning of the process. The SEO practices involved previously will ensure how quickly your website will rank on the search engines.

Following are the SEO History Factors that Influence the Speed of SEO for Your Website:
  • If black-hat SEO tactics were used on the website previously, it could have a future negative impact on the website performance. The SEO progress is relatively slower for these websites.
  • If the previous SEO activities used by the SEO Companies were relatively high in quality, it would take a lot of time and creativity to match that level.
  • If there weren't any SEO tactics used previously on the website, the website wouldn't take long to show some basic improvements.
Content of Your Website

Whether you believe it or not, your website content has a considerable amount of effect on websites. If we keep all the website elements aside, your content creates a massive impact on the SEO ranking. Without quality content on your website, it is almost impossible to rank a website on search engines. If you partner with the Best SEO Services in Lucknow, make sure that they focus on both quality and quantity of content.

Some of the significant steps you can take to increase the quality and quantity of a website include:
  • If you have a new website that does not have any blog posts, it will require quality and quantity blog posts to enhance their performance. It requires a minimum of 2-3 blogs every weak in the beginning to increase the search engine visibility.
  • If your website includes several low-quality blog posts, it won't be possible for the SEO companies to rank your website until they are edited and removed accordingly.
  • If you want your website to rank on the first page of SERPs, it requires at least 50-100 blog posts that gain organic traffic to the website. Without the correct quantity of high-quality content, search engines will not be able to rank your website.

Your website backlink

As you are already aware of the importance backlinks hold for search engines for ranking a website, it is better not to ignore this concept. Backlinks have considerable significance for the optimization process of a website.

Here are the specific factors of backlinks that you must know about:
  • If you have a new website or an old website with no backlink, your website will slowly begin to perform better once quality backlinks are added to them.
  • If you have a website full of spammy backlinks, it will significantly hinder SEO performance. Your website can only rank if the Best SEO Company in Lucknow you hire repudiates those backlinks.
  • If you have low-quality backlinks on your website with no spammy backlinks pointing it, there are higher chances of high ranking
Website speed

We all know that the speed of a website is an ultimate Google ranking factor without which your website can hardly rank. Search engines like Google have millions of websites in front of them to provide user-oriented solutions to their users. So why would they choose your website for their users? Apart from all other factors, your website speed can have a considerable impact on your ranking.

Your website speed can impact the performance of your website in many ways, such as:
  • User experience is the primary concern of search engines while ranking sites. Your website speed can hinder the user experience. If your website has a slow pace, there will be more bounce rates and a lack of user experience.
  • If your competitor has a website that offers seamless navigation with a quick loading speed, your users will ultimately move to their websites.
  • You can check your Webpage speed using the Google page speed insights checker to understand your website performance better. If your website has a 12/100 score and your competitors have 90/100 scores, your website won't rank on the search engines.
  • Check on the insights to see suggestions for improving the issues that are affecting the website speed. The Best SEO Services in Lucknow will focus on the problems to resolve them quickly and efficiently.
SEO spending

Apart from the various factors, the money you spend on SEO can significantly impact the website. If you want better results, you must pay better. The Best SEO Services in Lucknow ensure that you get quality results within a limited budget.

Many factors that affect the money you spend on SEO are:
  • While choosing an SEO company, it is essential to identify what you want from the agency. How many services do they offer in their packages, and what target do they claim to achieve.
  • It is observed that a website can improve significantly grow if you spend a handsome amount of money on the SEO services like link building, content creation, and website promotion.
  • If you have a low SEO budget for your website, then it is impossible to achieve the desired results within the limited resources quickly.
Your Niche effects

Most people do not have any idea how your website's niche can impact the success of your website. Your niche plays a vital role in the SEO of your website. Some niches take too little time to rank on search engines. Whereas on the other hand, some niches take more than the usual time to rank better.

Things you need to consider while choosing your niche:
  • If the niche you choose for your website is highly competitive, like finance and law, etc., then it will take more months or even years to rank on search engines.
  • Choose a Niche with a low, competitive rate to have less difficulty in ranking on search engines.
  • Another most important thing to consider is to focus on only one topic or area on your website. SEO companies focus on one topic to have a quicker ranking on the particular keyword on the search engines.
  • The best thing you can do to gain traffic to your niche is to spend money and time on the SEO requirements. Ensure both On-page SEO and Off-page SEO strategies implement during the process.
Comply with Google SEO guidelines

Google releases its guidelines from time to time for a successful SEO implementation for the website. A website that follows these guidelines has an excellent opportunity to rank on top of SERPs consistently.

These websites always have higher chances of great SEO instantly:
  • There is no rule that a website that follows a completely white hat SEO strategy can only reach the top of SERPs. The best SEO services in Lucknow know the right trick to comply with the Google guidelines. With the help of their tricks, they know how to rank a website organically on the search engines like Google.
  • The best thing about following these guidelines is the website will observe slow but long-term traffic. Since everything is according to procedures, your website will receive quality and targeted traffic that increases the ranking of your website.
  • Following black hat and spammy SEO tricks result in short-lived traffic. Sooner or later, Google will penalize these websites.
After-effects of Google Core algorithm update

Google core algorithm updates turn out as the most challenging part of the website SEO. There are only two results after the updates, i.e., winners and losers. There is no in-between.

Check the effect of Google core algorithm update:
  • Google knows what they want for a website, and no matter how much you focus on your SEO campaigns, you can't control the impact of Google's core algorithm update.
  • Most websites fail the SEO criteria after the algorithm update because they either perform extreme optimization or become irrelevant.
  • Make sure that the SEO campaign you run doesn't cost you too much after the algorithm update. This is a significant factor that you must consider while doing SEO.
SEO activities you focus

Apart from all other factors, the most crucial factor that determines the time your website takes for SEO is the SEO strategies you adopt. When hiring the Best SEO Company in Lucknow, make sure to ask about the strategy they will perform on your SEO campaign.

Before you sign a contract with the SEO agency, look for these things:
  • If your SEO Company makes poor-quality backlinks, your website won't rank easily and takes too much time.
  • If your SEO campaigns include link-building, PR, content creation, technical optimizations, there are higher chances for a quick ranking of a website.
  • Ensure that the SEO campaign you choose consists of the overall things that can immediately and steady long-term impact on SEO optimization.
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Get the perfect SEO campaign for your website.

There are many instances where websites complying with the SEO guidelines also don't perform well on search engines. It is essential to learn the right trick to gain organic traffic to increase your website visibility on search engines. Most website owners try to do SEO on their own, but it is essential to hire an agency that can take complete care of your website for better results. Partner with the Best SEO Services in Lucknow to have a steady growth of your website. We hope you have got all the answers to your questions about the time SEO takes for a website.