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11 Most Important Features Your E-Commerce Store Must Have

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In order to stay relevant and competitive, online business owners must take the extra mile to provide their customers with the most user-friendly services. If you want to create a new e-store for your online audience or want to revamp your already existing store, there is so much you need to learn.

Creating your online store is not much challenging, and you only need to take the right inspiration from your competitor sites. Here we will help you with the top 11 features that your E-Commerce Store. must-have. Check out the complete list to get a user-friendly and responsive online store for your audience:

11 Essential Features for Your Ecommerce Website


People often visit online stores, like a product, add it to a cart and bounce back. A Wishlist helps them keep all their products lined up for their next purchase so they can buy them quickly whenever they want.

Also, it helps businesses remind users by retargeting that they have left items in the cart to improve their conversion rates. An "add to cart" is the ultimate call-to-action button for businesses that forces the audience to reach the end of their sales funnel.

Advanced Site Search

Have you ever thought about what a website without a site search feature looks like? You must go through the entire list and search for your preferred product type. This is another user-friendly feature that each e-commerce site must have to improve the user experience.

With this, users can easily bypass the entire navigation process and reach their desired products or services. Most e-commerce sites allow users to search for their preferred brands using the search bar. Also, many offers keyword-based searches for their audience.

Reviews and Ratings

Another crucial feature for your e-commerce website is providing them with social proof of your products and services. This allows them to know about the product delivered to the customers and their reviews.

Also, your customers will get the chance to write reviews and rate their products. This feature allows transparency to the customers and helps them decide what they want quickly. They can choose whether the product or service fits their needs with the help of the reviews and ratings.

Detailed and Well-Navigable Footer

Many companies don't know how much they can make from their website's footer section. Just like other features, the footer allows customers to find the top products of their choice. Also, they can include their social media details, featured products, support, and company information.

This helps them showcase everything on the footer, allowing users and crawlers to find the complete data quickly. An e-commerce development company like Technophilic will help you get an easy-to-navigate e-commerce site for the business.


Several questions come to the user's mind while making a purchase. Even after a complete description and reviews of the product, you must provide them with more information regarding your services. There is so much general information that people ask daily from the support team.

Adding an FAQ page helps you reduce the time your support team wastes daily answering a general question. They will get all the answers for their basic queries on the FAQs, so your audience doesn't have to contact to get support for basic queries.

Email Pop-ups

Email plays a crucial role in the lives of website owners, especially e-commerce store owners. Whenever a user visits your website, you at least have to get them subscribed to your email list. One of the biggest goals of online marketers is to take their visitors to the conversion level.

Even if they don't make a purchase, you can use their email to promote other products in the future. Also, it helps e-commerce stores to target and retarget their customers to improve their campaigns. It is also considered the most crucial revenue generation feature for E-Commerce Businesses.

Return and Exchange Policy

Your online audience has several options in front of them these days. They want complete freedom to buy and choose on their terms. Giving them generous returns and exchange policy helps gain their trust leading to more conversions. When they find an easy return and exchange policy, they are more likely to trust your site, and the chance of conversion increases drastically.

Make sure to add the link near the Wishlist button to offer complete transparency of your terms and conditions. So, if you want to build trust in the eyes of your audience, a generous policy will be a must.

Blog Page

Many e-commerce website owners believe that they need only products and services to run their e-commerce website. However, they have no idea how vital content marketing is for their success. With the help of a blog, you can easily promote your new products and offers to connect with your online audience in a personalized manner.

Strategic content marketing can boost your revenue by adding value to your users' lives. When you provide them with unique information, they will be more likely to connect with your business by increasing conversions.

Similar Products Suggestion

Your e-commerce store must be in a way so that your users don't have to go anywhere else, and you can't give them even a second to bounce back to your competitors. For this, you need to ensure everything is placed systematically to keep attracting your audience's attention.

When you add a similar product feature to the web pages of your e-commerce site, your audience will keep on exploring more options. This increases their retention rate and ultimately boosts the conversions. So, we can say, adding this feature will be an excellent way to reduce bounce rates and ensure more conversions.

Multiple Payment Options

Have you ever visited an e-store and found they offer only limited payment options? If you want to enjoy great benefits and more sales, you need to provide them with as many payment options as possible. You need to include all types of payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, online payments, UPI, PayPal, etc. One of the biggest reasons to get this user experience. In order to give your customers, the best user experience, it is a must to be flexible with the payment options.

Contact and Support

One of the most complex tasks of online store owners is to gain their audience's trust. For this, you need to be available on all the platforms to provide them with 24/7 support anywhere, anytime. The best way is to provide multiple contact numbers so they can quickly get in touch for any inconvenience.

For 24x7 support, a chatbot and helpline number will be a great option. Suppose your customer pays for something, and their payment gets deducted, but the order didn't arrive. With the help of a chatbot or helpline number, they can easily connect with you to raise their issue.