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Streamline heavy workflows with TPLawyer

The advancement of technology has substantially impacted world economies, and almost all industries have leveraged technology to improve their operations. Talking about the Legal sector, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for "case management tools." The need for a case management tool is on a sharp rise in the market due to the vast benefits and convenience. To cover this huge demand, we have developed software for those who want to do more in less time. This excellent software is designed by Technophilic private limited to minimize the workload of individuals associated with the legal profession. TPLawyer is designed to streamline lawyers' workflows by centralizing their databases in a secure environment.

TPLawyer – Your digital Case Management Assistant

TPLawyer is built to simplify the workflow of law firms. With its robust modules, you benefit from managing all your work databases in a single place. Here you get a one-stop solution to all your case management needs with the robust modules of the software. Understand the various modules of the software to have detailed information about the product. Let's know about them in detail below:

Super Admin

To make the software robust, we have added a super admin feature to TPLawyer. The Super Admin will be the actual owner of the software who will have complete access to this case management system. With this, the super admin can efficiently add, manage, and modify the other Lawyer's profile and observe their behavior. Also, he has the power to remove any lawyers from the panel and access their data.


The super admin will add the different lawyers to the profile. Each Lawyer will have a username and password to log in to their profile. Also, they will have an option to add other lawyers for their assistance. They can add and manage all their lawyers from their end without any permission from the super admin. Each Lawyer gets an option to change and update their profile from the settings section.

Your Personalized Dashboard

We aim to provide our clients with the convenience they deserve. Our software is designed to give a personalized experience to our clients. Both super admin and Lawyer will get a separate dashboard, and lawyers will get a dashboard where they can add, modify and remove any profile. However, the super admin will have the power to make any changes to the entire software. He will have full access to the data of all the lawyers to keep an eye on their performance. He will also be notified of how many lawyers are online at the present moment and track their activities.

Quick Summary

Get a quick summary of your net profits on the front with the total number of clients, lawyers, and cases in a single click. The total number of cases, clients, and Lawyers will flash on the summary to have a quick overview of the overall progress.

My calendar

Manage your deadlines, tasks, events, and meeting on your calendar to keep everything scheduled. Pin your tasks according to the day, month, week and prioritize them as per your needs. Get a complete list of each month's tasks by clicking on the 'list' button.


Module #1 – Clients

Manage all your client's data with a separate section designed especially for your convenience. At TPLawyer, you can make a separate database of your clients to get all the records instantly. Now you don't have to depend on the physical documents to extract your client's data. Instead, you get all the access in a single click. The super admin will have complete access to all the Lawyer's data profiles. However, the lawyers can only access the data of their lawyers, and they can only add and remove a client from their list and modify the details as per their needs.

Add new client-:

By clicking on this "add new client" option, you can create a separate file for your clients by entering the name, phone number, address, country, gender, date of birth, and address. Add all your clients any time of the day to maintain their digital database.

Client List–:

Get access to your complete list of clients in an instant in a separate section. Access your client's details anywhere anytime with a search bar added for your convenience. Just click on the search bar and enter the client's name to find the required data.


Module #2 – Case

Get rid of the hassle of storing, listing, and managing all your cases with our separate Case Module designed to minimize the disruption during your workflow. Get every single detail of your case in just a click with TPLawyer's exclusive feature added for your convenience. Now you will get a one-stop solution for all your case-related issues. No need to carry the hard copies of the cases everywhere you go. The super admins can access the data of all the cases added to the software, and the lawyers can only access the data related to their cases and the ones they added.

Add new case-:

Add a new case by adding several details of your case, including case name, client, case type, opponent details, court name, and the other information to add every detail of the case. Also, you can add extra information about the case in the description box

All Case List–:

Get a quick overview of the complete list of cases added to the software. Unable to find the required case from a vast list of cases? Use the search bar to reduce the burden of seeing a massive list of cases. The list will help you get full access to all your cases.

Case Category–:

The case category is designed to make your search process more accessible and convenient by grouping them. Law firms need to handle several cases every day. By clicking on the "add category" button in the case section, you can create a new category to group different cases together.


Module #3 – Appointment

TPLawyer helps lawyers and law firms to get an organized work structure for themselves. We have a separate appointments section included in the software to help you get all the appointments lined up in a single place. Get an organized way of handling all your appointments with TPLawyer. Here the super admin can check all the appointments and make changes to them. The lawyers can easily look at appointments added by the super admin to have streamlined workflow management. Also, they can add and manage appointments as per their convenience on their personalized dashboards without the need for hard copies.

Add new appointment-:

Instantly add a new appointment by submitting the client's name, phone number, start date, deadline, and status. Also, you get the option to put the other details in the 'Note' section. Put all the additional information in the notes section to avoid losing any data.


Get a quick overview of your entire appointments list in the appointment sections. Chose the detail of the required appointment by searching from the search bar. Type into the search bar and get quick information about the data you need to get all the information.


Module #4 - Court

Law firms need to maintain a database about the cases allotted to different courts. Whether you need to fetch details by court or client details, you can quickly get everything on TPLawyer. In the Court module, you can fill all the information on the case related to the different courts. The super admin can add, manage, and modify the court's section anytime. All the lawyers added can easily add the new court and the related information. With the help of the complete details on courts, it will be easier for you to focus on the progress of all types of cases. 

Add new court-:

Fill in the details, including court name, court type, room number, location, country, state, and city, to help you identify the points quickly. Here you will also find the description box to enter the other details related to the case.

Court Category:

To help you ease the process, we have given a separate court category section where you can group all the cases according to different courts in different categories. Add, manage, and prioritize each court detail with this feature.

Court List:

Get the complete court list in a single place on this section. Here you will get the entire list with a search bar to easily access the cases on the different courts. Just click on the search bar to fetch details about any particular court details.

Module #5 – Task

To help you reduce the hassle of remembering different tasks, deadlines, and schedules, we have designed a separate Task module. Under this, you get the chance to prioritize your tasks according to the various needs and deadlines. The super admin can easily assign tasks to the lawyers to streamline their workflow. Each Lawyer added to the panel can easily find their tasks to have a smooth workflow. Also, the lawyers can assign tasks to the lawyers added by them or their juniors to delegate tasks efficiently. This feature will help you have a transparent work procedure without hampering the work quality.


Assigned new task-:

Add all the assigned tasks under this section by adding a subject, case, assigned to, priority, stage, due date, and status to get complete information about the tasks before you begin. Also, you will get a description box to get a brief overview of the tasks. 

Task List-:

Get the complete task list in a single place under this section with the ease of a search bar placed specially to reduce the hassle of finding the required tasks with a simple click. Get the complete list of tasks in a separate section for your convenience.


Module #6 - Lawyer

TPLawyer is designed to make the workflow of law firms more organized. Here the super admin will have access to add new lawyers and access the details about the list of lawyers on this software. Also, he can track each Lawyer's performance on the software to identify how much work has been done. The lawyers will get access to the data of only the lawyers added by them or their juniors. They can add new lawyers, manage their profiles, and change the settings conveniently. Add as many lawyers as you want to this amazing software as you wish.

Add new Lawyer-:

Here, you can quickly add a new lawyer by creating their profiles. Add the username, first name, last name, email address, password, and password details to complete the profile. There is no limit to adding any number of lawyers. Add up to several lawyers as you want.

Lawyer Profile List-:

To make the software more transparent, we have added this feature for your ease. Here you can quickly get the list of lawyers in this section. Get the complete list of lawyers and their achievement summary in this section for better visibility of your work. 

Lawyer Category-:

Group different lawyers, based on the priorities in the category section to make it more organized. Use the search bar to find the lawyer details with just a click. Make different categories to better access the Lawyer's data on the panel and prioritize them as per your needs.

Module #7 – Judge

Get a separate judge module to store essential data related to the Judges. Reduce paperwork by storing the different details of each case and client to make the workflow more efficient. Create a list of judges to store every detail in a single place. Both super admin and lawyers can add the number of judges. However, the lawyers can add and access the judge's list added by them only. Only the super admin will have the right to create, modify and delete the judge profiles from other Lawyer's profiles. Get all the data from this tool to have a digital backup of the case details. 


Add new judge-:

Enter the type of judge, judge name, court, and room number to help you identify different judge details. Also, get a remarks section to include extra information about the judge. Add additional information to understand the case better whenever you need to find it.

List of judge types-:

It isn't easy to quickly find the required judge details from the extensive list of judges. This option will help you find the required judge list based on the type of judge. Access all the information about the judge's list and its types by saving the database of judges in a separate place.

Judge List-:

Get a complete list of judges in an instant under this section. Just click on the judge list option, and you can get a complete list of judges added to the section. You can view the full judge list anytime you need and improve the work quality with this extraordinary feature.


Why do you need TP Lawyer?

Law firms or individual lawyers need to manage a high volume of paperwork to schedule meetings, deadlines, and appointments for their broad client base. We have developed efficient software to handle all your databases digitally to reduce the hassle. Use TPLawyer to efficiently manage your cases and their work processes on the go. If you are confused about buying this case management tool, then here is everything you must know:

Are you not organized?

If you have to manage a high volume of documents and don't have an organized way to arrange them, you definitely need this robust software to manage all your documents in a streamlined manner. With an effective tool, you don't have to worry about forgetting appointments, misplacing receipts, and losing important information about your client's cases.

Is it difficult to remember deadlines?

The biggest challenge for lawyers is remembering so many deadlines, meetings, and appointments. If you have a law firm, you need to have everything scheduled in a single place. With a case management system like TP Lawyer, it becomes easier to manage all your deadlines, meetings, schedules, and essential tasks to have a streamlined process to handle everything.

Do you want a digital solution for your database?

As more and more people are digitalizing their work, law firms also need digitalization to have everything available on the go. If you are also looking for an excellent option to digitalize your law firm details, TPLawyer will help you efficiently. With the help of the significant modules of this software, you can easily store, manage and access essential databases related to your cases anywhere anytime.

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