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Top 8 Reasons Google AdSense Rejected your Request

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A significant part of the websites on the internet is struggling to get monetized. Google AdSense has been the most popular advertising platform for several reasons, and that is why many individuals and companies depend on the incomes generated through their Google AdSense accounts.

Monetization has become one of the primary goals of businesses these days. No doubt why so many of them started applying for the monetization process. However, it isn't easy as it sounds. Google has the responsibility for the revenue of its advertising partners.

So, it doesn't allow any website to tarnish its credibility by choosing a non-deserving website for promoting its advertisements. If you have also applied for the monetization process and got rejected, don't worry. Below we are listing the top 8 reasons why your AdSense request is denied:

Top 8 Reasons Google AdSense rejects your request.

#1 You are applying too early

New website’s biggest mistake is applying too early for the AdSense program. Google pays attention to many things before approving a monetization request. If it rejects your application, it means that it doesn't think that your website can fulfill its AdSense campaign goals. If you have a less than 6 months old website, it is almost impossible to get your request approved. As your website gets older, Google gains trust that you are a genuine website working to fulfill your audience's needs. So, make sure not to apply unless you get it approved.

#2 Content quality, quantity, and relevancy

As you know, Google focuses on user experience more than anything, and you need to be equally attentive in providing them. If you are using poor-quality copy-pasted content that is not relevant to the needs of your content, Google will reject your application. The monetization process is not as straightforward as it sounds, and Google focuses on every single factor of your website before approving.

Content is one of the significant factors that decide if your website will get approved for AdSense. If your website contains poor-quality content in small numbers irrelevant to your potential audience, they will reject your request. Google does not want to add such kinds of the website to their list to make their advertising campaigns suffer. So, make sure you publish the best content on your website that attracts significant traffic to get your request approved.

#3 Right amount of stable organic traffic

Only receiving traffic is not enough if you cannot attract a stable amount of traffic. When you request Google AdSense approval, first, they observe your website history. If you are not receiving steady organic traffic on your site, Google will not monetize. Organic traffic plays a vital role in the growth of your ranking.

Google carefully notices every single activity and performance of your website. If they find you are using black hat tactics to gain very high traffic, which results in higher bounce rates, they will not proceed with your request. All you need is the correct strategies and patience to gain traffic day by day.

#4 Don't have a Privacy policy

Having a well-written privacy policy is the most overlooked fact by users. However, Google has a stringent policy against those websites that do not provide a privacy policy for their users. Their goal is to ensure that the users get transparent information about their privacy on a particular website. The sole reason behind building a privacy policy is to notify users what, when, and why the website collects their specific data.

Also, it helps them understand how a particular website uses its data for their benefit. The users can always choose whether to accept the policy or not. If you don't want your goods to be rejected, make sure to add a privacy policy to your site.

#5 Higher Server Downtime

Higher server downtimes are the most significant reason for most websites not getting approval for their Google AdSense account. Google doesn't want to partner with websites that are not accessible most of the time. If your website continuously crashes and goes down much often, it will be a significant obstacle for you in getting approval from the Google AdSense account.

The main reason behind this is that the Ads on your website also go down frequently whenever your website faces downtime, which will be a significant obstacle to reaching your advertisement campaign goals. Google does not allow any website that fails to comply with its policies. If you don't want to be rejected by the Google AdSense program, you must make your site is efficient enough to comply with their policies.

#6 Selling Counterfeit goods

If you think you can fool google by selling counterfeit items on your site and get Ads from them, you are wrong. Google is stringent about allowing fraudulent activities on the search engine. Selling counterfeit goods and scamming people can be a big reason why your Google AdSense request is rejected. It is better to be aware of the policies formed by Google before you apply for the AdSense program. If you are conducting any fraudulent activities on the internet, you better not dream about getting approval from Google.

#7 You are a minor

If you are a minor or underaged, you cannot apply for a Google AdSense program. You must be at least above 18 years of age to get the approval. Google's policies are to protect minors from getting misled on the internet. If you have a talent and want to get your website monetized, you can use the account of your parents or siblings. You can get approval only when you are 18+.

#8 Google banned your website once

Google is very concerned about its user's interests. If it seems that you are doing unlawful activities on your website even after receiving a warning from the search engine, Google has the option of banning your website. Also, make sure that your Google AdSense is stringent for their banning activities.

One of the most common reasons your application request is getting rejected is you are already banned from the search engine giant. So, your application cannot be approved if they have previously banned you.

How to get approval from Google AdSense?

As you know why your application is getting rejected by Google AdSense, you are thinking about getting their approval. Getting approval is not a complex task, but it requires the right tricks and strategies. For these, you need to move in the right direction. If your AdSense request is getting rejected, again and again, you need to follow some simple steps below:

Ensure the compatibility with AdSense policies

First, you need to comply with the AdSense policies. If you are going to apply for the program, it is better to be alert before applying. Make sure to read their entire policy before using it for their program. Apply only when you think your website is compatible with their policies.

Sign-up and apply

As you read the AdSense policies and think that you are compatible with applying, it is time to make your first shot. Make your Google AdSense account by going to the profile and signing up for the program. Once you make your account, you can apply for the Google AdSense program.

Get Professional Guidance

Sometimes google rejects your application, and you don't know why your request is denied. The best solution is to get some professional Guidance. If you look for the best ways to monetize your website, you can contact a professional agency like Technophilic, where you get all your answers. We help you get your Google AdSense approval using our industry experts that ensures that your website is compatible with their policies.