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Continuous Scrolling – The impact on SEO

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Do you know that Google has recently launched a continuous scrolling feature in the US? With this new feature, users can now see beyond the first page of the search results. To help both users and websites, Google has introduced this excellent feature. As you already know how Google is concerned about users’ convenience. It has now introduced another feature to improve how users access the search results for their queries. Each new feature adds another way for marketers to enhance the SEO of their websites. Similarly, this feature will also impact SEO. It is expected to expand in 2022 to other parts of the world.

First, this blog will introduce this most talked about SEO feature in 2022. Later, you will find out how this will impact the SEO performance of your website. So, let’s get started:

What is Continuous scrolling?

You must have heard a lot from SEO experts about the importance of ranking on the first page, and Google has now helped marketers reduce this distance with this recently launched feature. Recently launched in the United States, this feature will be expanded to other parts of the world. Previously, users had to click on the “see more results” option to land on the next page of the search results. But now, they can scroll down infinitely to see the results worth four pages with the help of this continuous scrolling SEO feature in 2022.

The impact of Continuous scrolling on SEO:

Do you think it will impact the SEO performance of your website? Well, the answer is yes. This new continuous scrolling feature will significantly impact the SEO performance of marketers. Here is how it will be going to affect certain factors of your SEO performance:

Page One clicks will fall.

When users have comprehensive and accessible options in front of them, they are likely to scroll down more to find better results. This way, Page one Click Through Rate (CTR) will bring down, resulting in high CTR for page two websites. Users will like to spend time finding more options available in front of them before clicking. We all know that results on the first page are there because of the high-quality content and relevance. However, with time, users will get accustomed to this new SEO feature in 2022 to keep looking for better options till the end. 

Impact on impressions

As we know, users don’t prefer to click on the next pages on the search results. This new SEO feature in 2022 will significantly impact the impressions of the Page One results. With more accessibility to a wide range of search results, the total impressions will likely negatively impact Page One results. However, this will create more competition for Page One and Page Two results.

Impact on Bounce Rates

Since the feature is still not rolled out fully in the entire world, things are still unclear. As per the experts, there can be significant impacts on the bounce rates due to the broader options available to the users. Since they have plenty of options in front of them, they are likely to explore more options. So, we can say that this new SEO feature in 2022 can impact the ranking and performance of the websites.

More comprehensive options for the audience

As you know, Google focuses highly on the user’s convenience rather than the other aspects of a website. This new feature is released in the US to determine how many users will impact this continuous scrolling feature. This new SEO feature in 2022 will be released to provide more comprehensive options to the audience. With the help of this, users will now have a range of options available in front of them quickly. Just like social media, they can explore the range of choices available to them without going anywhere.

Increase in Zero Clicks

Do you know how much Zero click searches have increased in recent years? This is all due to the incredible range of options with content-rich meta descriptions. With this continuous scrolling SEO feature in 2022, users can now have a range of choices. That means the zero searches will increase only in the coming years.

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Final Thoughts

Users already have the experience of continuous scrolling from social media, so they will likely be more accustomed to this new SEO feature in 2022. Google keeps adding new features for its users to make search engines more accessible and friendlier. Stay informed with the blogs of Technophilic Private Limited to know more about the upcoming updates to the digital world.