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Technophilic is committed to providing a safe and secure exchange of products and services. To make our services transparent, we have laid out specific rules and regulations that you must know before accessing our products, services, and information.

Kindly understand that technophilic private limited is a data controller of all the personal information provided on this website. Please read the complete privacy policy to know what we collect, why we collect, how we use it, and how it is stored.

Whom we protect ?

Technophilic is committed to protecting those who:

  • Visit our website and use their internet to reach our servers.
  • Who registers for the website and allows to keep them updated.
  • Who contacts us from the given links and forms

Why do we need to protect ?

This privacy policy is maintained to protect our users from all kinds of cyber threats. As the online world has become a vulnerable place, no one can assure complete safety and security of your data from all kinds of threats. However, we are working continuously to improve our security measures by offering a safe and secure platform for our users.

What data we collect?

  • Our website collects cookies for the users who visit our website to improve our website. Whenever a user visits our website and requests our services, we collect information from them in cookies
  • We use this information to provide targeted information to the users as per their interests and demands.
  • Technophilic is committed to making a safe and secure platform for users to avail products and services. We collect all kinds of data from our users in the form of comments to improve your database.
  • When users post a comment on our website, we save their name, email ID, and IP address to improve our services. It helps us maintain a database of the users to use someone tries to intrude our online privacy.
  • In case of any breach of the privacy policy, we have to share this information to take strict action Against the users.
  • When uploading a media, make sure to not add any location along with that. Adding location to an image or media will make it easier for anyone to access your location by visiting the website.
Contact form
  • Technophilic offers a contact form to the users who have queries about the products and services or want to purchase from our website. When filling the online form, you agree to give complete access to the information we can use for the relevant purpose. We assure to keep your data safe and secure with no third-party access.
Embedded content
  • Our website has content that contains links from other websites. Technophilic takes no responsibility for the access of the information of any embedded content. Make sure to read the privacy policy of the other websites before giving them access to your information.

What data do you offer ?

  • There is certain information that our users provide us. When users want to get in touch with us, we ask them to fill out a contact form. They have to fill the form with their identification details, name, mobile number, permanent address, and email ID.
  • When an individual makes a purchase, they use the payment method to purchase by adding their payment details such as debit card and credit card details, account number, and other bank details
  • We aim to ensure a safe and secure medium for the transfer of information to our servers.
How do we use your data ?
  • Technophilic reserves all the right to use the information with a motive to improve the quality of our website.
  • The user agrees to give access to all the information, including the personal identification details.
  • The information you provide to us will enable you to get access to the data of the website to avail the products and services
  • The information is used to complete the purchase of the product or services from our website to get payment confirmations and receipts.
  • We use this information to identify and fraudulent and suspicious activities on our website to protect your privacy.
  • We use this data to analyze the users' activities accessing our information from various parts of the world.
  • This information is collected to improve communication with our users to update our latest products and services.

When is this Privacy policy not applied ?

The privacy policy is not applicable in the following situations:

Third-Party Websites
  • Our website contains links from other websites for promotional reasons. In this case, the users are recommended to follow their privacy policy. Our privacy policy will not apply to any third-party websites links.
Data Breach
  • The user agrees to follow the privacy policy of our website, and any breach in the contract will make us take legal actions against the user.

Changes to the privacy policy ?

  • Technophilic reserves exclusive rights to make any changes at any time to this privacy policy.
  • We recommend our users keep checking our web site's privacy policy to know about the recent updates.
  • All the recent updates will be notified at the top of the privacy policy. That is why it is recommended for your interest to stay updated about the recent changes.