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Rental E-Commerce Development Services

Building your online store involves more than just understanding your market. E-commerce has changed the outlook of businesses these days. These two years have drastically impacted how the audience accepts the transformation of physical stores into online stores. With the increasing competition and promising future, it has become difficult for newbies to make a remarkable entry into the e-commerce market. Not only the process includes too much effort, but also a considerable investment. Arranging funds for an e-commerce setup is the biggest nightmare for businesses.

Technophilic is providing an instant solution for this problem to companies looking to begin their online journey. We provide the Best E-commerce Development Services to businesses with our monthly rental services. Get the complete e-commerce setup and support started at just Rs3000/ per month.

Rental E-Commerce Setup and Support

Setting up your E-Commerce setup involves several factors, including platform selection, frontend development, backend development, application development, support, designing, and a lot more. Considering all these issues, Technophilic brought a complete solution for businesses looking for ways to begin their online store. We offer companies the Best E-commerce Development Services by providing monthly rental services.

With the aim of making the e-commerce setup affordable and accessible, we have come out with a rental plan. Get the complete package of e-commerce support with our specialized team of people and advanced resources.


Getting started with our rental E-Commerce setup service:

Developing and setting up your E-commerce store requires several efforts, and we provide everything from effective planning and requirement analysis to frontend and backend development. We provide our customers the complete support with the help of our broad expertise and resources:

Analyzing market requirements

Market analysis is the first step towards the foundation of a successful e-commerce business. Before starting your online store, you need to identify how the market will react to the new product. We help companies identify and analyze the market to understand the various requirements.


Growing businesses with TP Commerce

Each e-commerce setup requires a platform to build the most reliable and SEO-friendly website. Technophilic aims to make e-commerce development accessible by providing our own CMS platform, TP Commerce. We offer a personalized solution for the business to own an online store. No need to choose between the expensive platforms for your e-commerce startup. Get everything on a good platform with our exclusively designed TP Commerce platform. Increase customer engagement, drive conversions and manage content easily with our high-performing platform designed specifically for individuals starting their e-commerce journey.

#1 Flexible and easy to manage

With TP Commerce, you can easily add and manage products to your website. Get a practical eCommerce solution with our free Content Management system (CMS) software designed to give flexibility to businesses for adding and handling as per suitability.

  • Emphasized providing a secure platform.
  • Easy to add new products.
  • Multi-channel scalability feature
  • Customizable user-administration.
  • Seamless and adaptable inventory management.

#3 SEO-friendly features

TP Commerce includes several SEO-Friendly features to make e-commerce setup possible and successful. Our great platforms help users to get more search visibility y increase their traffic and ranking. The various features consist:

  • Generate sitemaps.
  • Automated sorting & modifications of popular searches.
  • Accessible to Creating meta-tags and descriptions.
  • Fast loading pages
  • SEO friendly URLs

#2 Easy customization

TP Commerce comes with broad customization features such as plugins and extensions that let you control your online store without any expert skillsets. Manage your online store with our great customization options offering tailor-made solutions.

  • Supported by specialized experts
  • Make changes with a click.
  • Less complex than other high-rating platforms
  • Customizable content templates.
  • Customizable content sections.

#4 Mobile friendly online store

When you look for the various e-commerce platforms these days, each of them focuses on providing mobile-friendly services. TP Commerce is exclusive to designed to bring businesses closer to their mobile audience. The various features include:

  • User-friendly product display designs.
  • User-friendly search display
  • Swipe, drag, and zoom capabilities
  • Drag n drop to the shopping cart.
  • Detailed analytics for content strategy.

Frontend Development

Users notice the first thing on a website is its design and smooth navigation. The frontend design is all about the UX or User experience of a website. With the Best E-commerce Development Services, businesses now have the chance to get a platform where they can interact with their online audience. Get all the e-commerce development services under the same roof at the most reasonable prices. We provide complete assistance to our customers in setting up their e-commerce stores. Our front-end development process will help you get efficiency, speed, and smooth functionality on your website. Our developers are highly capable of handling the IT industry's continuously evolving tools and methodologies to provide a comprehensive solution to your needs. Here is what you get with our rental e-commerce services:

  • Well-defined categories and sub-categories-:

    For best navigation, companies need to have well-defined categories and sub-categories on their website. This enhances user experience, thus helping in the search engine optimization of your online store. For better performance, we provide our customers with well-defined categories and sub-categories to help users quickly find suitable products for their needs.

  • Search visibility-:

    Users return from your website if it does not have clear search bar visibility. You need to ensure that the search bar is visible throughout the website pages to help users find suitable products quickly. It helps them find the products they need right from the page they are on. This makes your website more user-friendly, resulting in increased search engine rankings.

  • Search filter–:

    Users don't like to waste their precious time and effort. Search filter offers convenience to the users for finding products of their choice quickly. They can filter through the different prices range, product categories, and other choices. This saves their time from finding the products from a wide variety by increasing engagement and conversions.

  • Special offers and deals-:

    When users visit your website, they look for the latest deals and offers. With the help of our best e-commerce development services, you can easily add attractive Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons to attract users to your site. The front-end development process involves all the steps necessary to attract and engage the audience on the website.


Backend Development

Developing your e-commerce website requires excellent effort. Once the frontend development is in place, it is time for the backend development process. There are several platforms that make the e-commerce development process more accessible. With its own TP Commerce CMS platform, Technophilic is designed exclusively to make e-commerce setup affordable and convenient. With this, you don't have to go anywhere for the Best E-commerce Development Services. Our rental e-commerce development packages include everything you need to build your e-commerce business from scratch. All you need is just a small investment per month to fulfill the unique requirements of your business. Our qualified professionals can provide effective backend development services to our clients planning to build their online stores.

Developing e-commerce app

As per the latest trends, there has been a vast increase in e-commerce businesses that own mobile applications. With the vast increase in the population of mobile users, it is high time for companies to use the power of mobile applications. The biggest reason why customers choose us for their rental e-commerce development setup is due to the mobile application service included in our package. Developing your mobile e-commerce app has:

  • UI/UX designs

    First, you need to ensure that your users get a seamless and effortless experience on your application. It won't be successful if you cannot convince your users that they are not wasting their time and effort. The overall success is based on how the users interact with your application in terms of look and feel.Our competitive web designs helps website owners give an excellent performance.

  • API Development

    Application Programming Interface (APIs) acts as the bridge between an e-commerce website and a mobile application. App developers need to create multiple APIs to develop a mobile application from an e-commerce website. An API is used as a mediator between an application and the web servers to exchange data between the systems.

  • API Integration

    API integration is an essential step in the mobile app development process. In order to keep the servers secure and running, app developers need to integrate APIs. There are several reasons for integrating APIs. However, the most important one is to exchange small packets of data, such as the prices requested between users and the servers.

  • Testing Stage

    After successfully finishing the e-commerce app development, the process begins testing. Under the testing stage, the application is tested under several parameters to ensure that the application is fully functional and complies with the various parameters. Also, manual testing is done to find errors and bugs in the applications. Under this, several experts use the app to check the app manually.

  • App deployment

    Once the mobile e-commerce application passes the testing stage, it is time to deploy it on the app stores. Basically, the two platforms available are Android's play store and Apple's App Store. However, there are also some third-party app stores available nowadays. Since users prefer applications more than websites these days, it is time to take advantage of this great opportunity.

  • Maintenance and Support

    Choosing our best e-commerce development services allows you to choose ease and convenience. Applications require continuous support and maintenance to get the app updated and free from bugs. Choosing Technophilic will help you get all this at the most affordable prices while starting your e-commerce business. We provide 24/7 support and maintenance to our customers to help their businesses grow. 


Choosing Technophilic's Rental E-commerce development services

Being the premium IT company in Lucknow, we are committed to providing uninterrupted and affordable IT solutions for businesses. With the aim of making our best e-commerce development services affordable and accessible, we are bringing the right skillsets and advanced resources to provide an affordable solution to e-commerce needs.

Now you don't have to worry about huge investments. We provide a monthly rental e-commerce package to businesses that only want to begin their online store with small capital. Small companies looking to start their e-commerce store can easily afford these monthly packages as we are offering everything in just Rs3000. With our comprehensive range of e-commerce setup solutions, you can begin your online journey now.

"No need to invest more as we are offering everything for less. Choose us now to get an unlimited subscription to our rental e-commerce services."

What the best e-commerce development services offer:

  • Free Hosting

    Get free hosting to start your online store under the same package. There is no need to invest more in purchasing the hosting plan, as we are here to provide you with that. Get free hosting in our rental e-commerce package from scratch. We provide the help you need using our advanced resources and expertise. 

  • Free Facebook

    Get a free Facebook page inside the package for your e-commerce startup. Get the added benefit of a Facebook page to meet your online audience. We help businesses grow in a sustained environment to give everything you need to start your e-commerce journey with much ease and convenience.

  • Free Android App

    With the help of our affordable and accessible services, you can give your startup great success with a free android app. To begin with your business, there is no need to pay for the android app. We at Technophilic will help you get started with your business at the most affordable prices with our expertise and management.

  • Free Support

    We make your startup journey more fun with our free support and maintenance. Get continuous support from our specialized team that is always ready to solve your issues. Simplify the process of e-commerce development by choosing us to transform your dream into reality. 

  • Free Training

    Instead of only an e-commerce setup, we also provide free training to our customers to help them get accustomed to the basics of admin management and product updates. We guide you through running your online store quickly with the help of our experienced workforce.

  • Free 30 Products

    To help you get started with your startup journey, we provide a service to add up to 30 products to help our customers get their store to begin smoothly. With the help of our training, you can then resume the other product additions by yourself.Get the best deal to set up your online store with us conveniently.

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