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6 Popular technical SEO issues and their solutions you may want to know

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Technical SEO is a part of search engine optimization that can't be overlooked. SEO experts around the globe face numerous technical SEO issues. SEO experts need to learn continuously to ensure a remarkable growth of the website. Understanding the various issues makes you an SEO expert and helps your website achieve unparalleled success on the internet.

eing the Best SEO Company in Lucknow, we have prepared this comprehensive guide to making people aware of these issues and how to remove them efficiently. This list does not contain any special orders. However, all these issues are equally significant for the success of the website. Let's know about them in detail here:

Issue #1: URLs present at both HTTP and HTTPS

This is a severe technical SEO issue that needs quick attention. If your website URL shows on both HTTP and HTTPS, both users and the search engines will mistrust the site. The browsers will notify your users with a "Not Secure" warning, and they will quickly exit the website without a second thought.

It is incredible if your website owns an SSL certification and loads over HTTPS. However, it is equally important to ensure whether all your web pages are permanently redirected (301) to the HTTPS version.


The SEO experts need to check that all the website URLs are redirected permanently (301) to the HTTPS version to fix this issue.

  • Using a website crawler will help identify how many URLs are redirected to the HTTPS and HTTP versions.
  • The best method to redirect the URLs permanently to HTTPS is by adding them to the .htaccess file.
  • Partnering with the Best SEO Company in Lucknow can make this process much easier.

Issue #2: Duplicate content

ontent duplication is one of the significant and most common issues faced by website owners or SEO experts. Thousands and even millions of URLs with identical content appear on the internet due to the duplication of content.

This can also impact the indexing and crawling capacity of Google. It will become difficult for the search engine to crawl and index the canonical web pages. Even though Google can quickly identify between the duplicate content and canonical pages, it is still essential to learn how to get rid of this issue.


Fixing this issue is very simple. All you need to do is include the canonical link element pointing to the canonical version of the URL on the various duplicated URLs versions. This will consist of all the duplicate content under Excluded under the GSC Coverage report.

Issue #3: Improper indexing of the site

Search for your business name on Google and find out whether your business appears on the search engine or not. If you cannot find your site on the search results, there is something wrong with the technical SEO of your website. If your webpages are not indexed, it doesn't exist for the search engines.

  • First, you can type "site:yoursitename.com" to find out the count of indexed web pages of your website.
  • If not a single webpage is indexing on the search engines, you can add it to Google.
  • If you find more URLs on the search engines than expected, identify properly the spamming and older versions of URLs. Sometimes previous versions of the URLs point instead of the newer versions.
  • If your website is showing Fewer URLs than expected, then perform an audit of the web pages. Now go to Google's webmaster guidelines to know whether your website is compliant with all their rules or not that are blocking the web pages from indexing on the search engines.
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Issue #4: Robots.txt file missing or incorrect

Robots.txt file is an essential technical SEO element that can't be overlooked. If your website does not contain a robots.txt file or has it incorrectly configured, then it is a big red flag for the success of your website.

You can check the status of your robots.txt file on the website using a web browser by typing your website URL with the suffix "/robots.txt." If the results show "User-agent: * Disallow: /," you need to find a solution to fix the error instantly.

  • If the result shows "disallow:/" then you need to instantly get in touch with your developer as there might be reasons to put it in that way.
  • Otherwise, contact the Best SEO Company in Lucknow to ensure that all the web pages are indexing correctly.
  • Also, if you have a complex robots.txt file, the SEO companies will help you research all of them in detail.

Issue #5: Page loading speed

As far as Google is concerned, user experience is their ultimate goal. That is why page loading speed is an essential technical SEO factor that you must focus on. Online users do not wait more than 3 seconds for the website to load. You have only 3 seconds before losing your users.

  • Standard solutions for reducing page loading speed include image optimization/compressions, server response time, JavaScript minifying, and browser cache enhancement.
  • For more solid solutions, you can partner with The Best SEO Company in Lucknow.

Issue #6: Adding and missing Alt Tags

When doing technical SEO, broken and missing Alt tags in images are an essential element. The Alt Tags is like a short description for the search engine bots while crawling and indexing your website. This helps the crawlers to identify the purpose of the images used on the website.


Performing regular site audits are an excellent way to identify and fix missing Alt Tags on your images. This helps you monitor all the activities associated with the alt tags to optimize your website well for the search engines.